Super Runner(2015)

Massimo Tagliaferri


Team champion of 2014 TDG

Over 15 years of experience in trail race

Complete 25 Sky Race Competition



Nico Valsesia


Author of "fatigue does not exist"

Rapid ascent race record of the world's highest volcano (Chile)

Documentary "Up to Summit"

The world's steepest slopes, the longest straight line distance, from 0-7000 meters with a time of 22 hours 41 minutes



Bryon Powell

United States

The Condor Heroes of trail running

Five times in Western States 100 (within 24 hours)

Twice in Leadville100 (top ten)

His wife Meghan Hicks won the women's championship MdS



Betsy Kalmeyer

United States

Treadmill of the Air Force

15 times in HardRock 100 , five champions, three records

9 days 10 hours go through the Colorado Trail ,record of the fastest woman

Winner of "Rocky Mount Grand Slam"



Ann Trason

United States

The leader of women's ultra trail running

Got 14 women's champions in Western States 100 

Ann of "Born to run"



Bruce LaBelle

United States

Got the second place in 1984 Western States

11 times in Western States 100

Completed 34 ultra trail race, ran 3,783 km



Benoit Laval


Manager and founder of RaidLight

2010 selected by the French ultra trail running team

Got the man's 9th in MDS

Got the third of Reunion March



Erokhin Dmitry


Took a month, running 1,700 kilometers from Moscow went to Sochi

Ranked No. 43 in MDS



Lee Kian Hwee


Central Peninsular Malaysia Ultramarathon

With three super runners in the relay mode, after 43 stations from Kuala Lumpur, took 10 days and 17 hours to finish the 2100 km of long mileage



Chua Chin Chin


Steel Roses in Trail running

First Chinese women in Singapore to finish UTMB

First finish TDG in Singaporeans,being a Chinese women



Sekiya Ryoichi


Super man in Ultra Marathon,theory practitioner of advancing by slowing

Repeatedly broke the Asian record of 24 hours Ultra Marathon

More than 18 champions in 18 Ultra Marathon, nine consecutive



Janet Ng

Hong Kong,China

Best record of Asian woman's Trail in MDS

Ranked No. 6 in 2013 MDS

Completed 10 ultra trail race, such as UTMB

Got the second in 2015 Dalian 100



Wei Kailun


Best record of China Trail in TDG

2014 TDG, ranked No. 59,107 hours and 25 minutes



Bai Bin


The first person in Chinese ultra trail

Running back to China - 150 days to complete the 10,000 km across six countries of the ancient Silk Road

Men's second in Asia of UTMB



Cao Jun


Chinese folk mountaineering Godfather

Climb 24 peaks in 23 years successfully

Completed the Boston Marathon

Completed the Xuanzang Road Business School Gobi Challenge

Ultra Gobi Background